About Us

DMSecurity, is a professional Security company committed to providing its clients with the most flexible security solutions to meet their security needs involving a combination of products and services. We provide a wide dynamic range of security services to cater for different needs of our clients who enjoy the meticulous attention to detail. The real determination of DMSecurity services is not to compromise the safety of our clients or the security of our client’s assets. DMSecurity is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company operated by highly skilled personnel with combined experience.

Our Mission

To make a significant contribution to the improvement of the QUALITY, STANDARD and RELIABILTY of security and consulting in the security Industry of Zimbabwe.

Our Values

Professionalism, Integrity, Honesty, Sincerity

Our Vision

To create employment opportunities that result in more productive use of human resources. We plan to achieve Excellency and growth by taking on every challenge as an opportunity and gearing efforts towards adding value to all stakeholders of our business.

Our Referees

Mr N. Ramlau

Mr. D. Chavi




Mrs Psilos




Darren Lanca

Chief Executive Officer

Petrina Lanca

Non Executive Officer

Moses Chihuri

Managing Director